"With imagination, solutions emerge"

MeyJer was established in 2001 and has for the past 18 years delivered both funding and business advice plus consultancy to a diverse client base ensuring that ideas are turned into investor ready projects and beyond. Depending upon the project we often take a hands on position within the business should that be beneficial and equitable to ensure a successful roll out of the idea.


We embrace disruptive principles in seeking and delivering funding solutions that do not necessarily fit standard criteria as we do not subscribe to the “one solution fits all” mantra. 


We deal with both traditional and alternative sources of finance worldwide who are willing to entertain innovative solutions, in short those who agree with our own ethos of “with imagination, solutions emerge”. 


Transparency, simplicity and 'getting the job done'

Too many bright ideas are lost or fail because budding entrepreneurs do not know how to present their ideas to potential investors neither do they know who to approach to secure sufficient funding or even the skills required to establish a well rounded management team. We therefore prepare both projects and businesses to make them funding ready. We then engage with carefully chosen funders to deliver the required investment. 


In disruptive mode we challenge the status quo to create innovative solutions to the age old problem of successfully bringing good ideas to market and funding established businesses. Being both succinct and eloquent are both important and can be the difference between a bright idea sinking or becoming the birth of a commercial success. We have seen too many business ideas fail through the naivety of business strategy. Because we don’t take anything for granted we deliver solutions that will inspire diverse funding sources to become involved, targeting those funders who have a real interest in the proposition we put in front of them plus making sure these funders have the capability to fund the projects.